A U.S. president's rally, a U.S. correspondents' dinner, and a U.S.-organized march begin this show, followed by reports on violent weather and a new CNN Hero.
Events and poll numbers from President Trump's first 100 days, U.S. fighter jets in Eastern Europe, and concerns about energy drinks are today's topics.
North Koreans gather to celebrate a public holiday, the White House outlines a tax reform plan, and Cassini tries to shoot the gap between Saturn and its rings.
Stories from sky and sea are featured on today's show, from satellite pictures of a terrorist-held city in Syria to a U.S. submarine's arrival in South Korea.
Workers are freed from alleged exploitation in Brazil, another U.S. retailer says it's closing its stores, and a U.S. astronaut sets another record in space.
France moves toward electing a new leader, Russia unveils a military base in the Arctic, we report on Earth Day, and we introduce the nominators of CNN Heroes.