Fighting in the Syrian capital takes a toll on civilians, Venezuela hopes a cryptocurrency can help its economy, and we take a look at Olympic diplomacy.
The U.S. indicts 13 Russians, the Trump Administration considers tariffs that could affect metal imports, and a camera gives a whale's-eye view of the Antarctic.
Some responses to a U.S. school shooting, some unusual sights for Olympians from North Korea, and some history of potato chips are all featured this Friday.
South Africa's leader resigns, we follow a man's long trip home for Chinese New Year, the wind impacts the Olympics, and an actor has time alone in the Louvre.
Political instability swirls in South Africa, we explore human trafficking in some Haitian orphanages, and new technology opens doors for dog-like robots.
The Trump Administration releases an infrastructure plan, we define a stock market correction, and two artists use spray paint to create murals with messages.