An apparent terrorist attack in Britain, an American company's warning, a Vietnamese effort to help bees, and a CNN Hero are all featured this Thursday.
Changes for U.S.-bound flights, changes to a GOP health care plan, preparedness changes in Japanese schools, and changes for Mexico's poor are all featured.
The head of the FBI and a Supreme Court nominee speak at hearings on Capitol Hill, and virtual reality is examined as a possible treatment for phobias.
U.S. customs agents hunt for pill presses, listeria discoveries prompt a pizza recall, and the spring allergy season starts early for some parts of America.
The latest hold on a U.S. immigration order, historic footage of nuclear tests, hiking near a lava lake, and a CNN Hero are all featured this Friday.
Europe closely watches a vote in the Netherlands and a referendum push in Scotland, and the U.S. Federal Reserve raises its key interest rate once again.