A terrorist attack in Spain, a mudslide in Sierra Leone, an explanation of controversial statues in the U.S., and a bat cave are all featured this Friday.
A cholera outbreak spreads in Yemen, we examine NAFTA as talks begin on renegotiating it, and carbon fiber could help protect buildings from earthquakes.
Today's international coverage on CNN 10 is making stops on a Pacific island and a Middle Eastern city. We're also examining animal behavior during an eclipse.
An economic crisis in Venezuela, a drug crisis in the U.S., some ancient history about eclipses, and a celebration of twins are all featured this Tuesday.
CNN 10 kicks off a brand-new season by explaining events concerning North Korea, a city in Virginia, an upcoming eclipse, and the work of a CNN Hero.
On our last show of the season, we're explaining the Paris accord, we're looking at an effort to protect farm workers, and we're taking a trip to the beach.